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Beeldkracht Gallery in The Netherlands, Europe shows and sells paintings by Dutch and international artists.

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Beeldkracht Gallery - General Information

In this old building, which consists of 4 different parts (1895, 1913, 1924 and 1987) Galerie Beeldkracht is located. The gallery shows on 2 floors in 7 rooms artworks from artists from all over the world

Introduction: The location of our gallery

Galerie Beeldkracht is located in an characteristic house in an old village in the beautiful Dutch Countryside of the province Groningen, The Netherlands. In the direct surroundings of the gallery one can find several musea of great interest, like for instance the architectonic very interesting Groninger Museum. Galerie Beeldkracht can be reached easily by car (highway) and by train, the village of Scheemda has a small railway station.
The Menkemaborg in Uithuizermeeden, one of the historic sites of great interest in the province of Groningen, The Netherlands
The Drents Museum in Assen, worthwhile to visit
Very interesting and worth to visit is also Schloss Clemenswerth in Sögel, Germany. It can be easily reached by car, its about a one hour drive from Galerie Beeldkracht.
This picture shows one of the exhibition rooms of Beeldkracht Gallery on the first floor.
More about the area in which Galerie Beeldkracht is located


Galerie Beeldkracht is located in the beautifull countryside of the Dutch province of Groningen. A wellknown landscape painter from 'Grunn', the gallery represents, is Geert Schreuder. Galerie Beeldkracht shows the paintings of the famous Moldavian artist Iurie Matei permanently in the gallery and on main Dutch Art Fairs. Abstract paintings can also be found by Beeldkracht Gallery in The Netherlands. Beeldkracht Gallery has artworks from Denise Langis of the United States in her collection. Many artists from Holland exhibit in Galerie Beeldkracht, like the famous artist Ad Arma. Beeldkracht Gallery exhibits permanently the magnificently painted wooden eggs by Natalya Stadnyk, from the Ukrain.In the collection one find painted stillifes and nudes. From Iceland, Europe, Galerie Beeldkracht shows the landscape paintings in oil and mixed media from the Icelandic artist Arnor Bieltvedt. Beeldkracht gallery shows drawings in ink and waterpainting from the artist Boldhuyag Narmandah, from the country of Mongolia, Asia. 

Internationally orientated
Allthough one probably wouldn't expect, because of this countryside location of Galerie Beeldkracht, the collection of the gallery is focussed on an international scale. On a regular basis the gallery exhibits new artists from countries all over the world. Galerie Beeldkracht also exhibited/exhibits at wellknown European Art Fairs like Berliner Liste, Lineart, Art Nocturne Knocke (Belgium) the Holland Art Fair in the Dutch city of government The Hague and at other artfairs in The Netherlands, like Art Fair Primavera, Rotterdam, Contemporary Art Twente (CAT), The Invitation to Art Fair - Amsterdam, The Open Art Fair, Utrecht and at the yearly organised Dutch Art Fair in the outdoors Art Laren.
You will find also information on our Dutch pages about these Art Fairs:
- Berliner Liste, Berlin, Germany
- Lineart, Gent, Belgium
- Open Art Fair, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Art Nocturne Knocke, Knokke-Heist, Belgium
- Kunst & Antiek Salon Primavera, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Booth Galerie Beeldkracht Open Art Fair, Utrecht 2008,
Ad Arma (NL), Arnor Bieltvedt (ISL) and other artists.
Booth Galerie Beeldkracht Lineart, Gent 2009,
presenting Leon Keer (NL), Annemarie Petri (NL) and Arnor Bieltvedt (ISL).

Some words about the collection
The gallery exhibits and sells paintings, silkscreens and sculptures to companies, Dutch government and to private collectors. The collection of the gallery contains a wide variety of styles, from realism/fine arts to abstract expressionism and conceptual art. And also the stock of the gallery contains works of art in different materials and techniques. This variety seems to be strange perhaps, but gallery owners Gaby and Sander Kletter have not in the first place a particular preference for any of the contemporary and Post modern styles in art. They just love all forms of art. What truely matters to them is the quality of an artwork and the energy and vision put into it by an artist. Its the wish since the start of the gallery in 1995 to exhibit artworks which contain high quality, in fact which contain true 'beeldkracht'. 

In 2008 gallery owner Sander Kletter explained the name of the gallery in a letter to Michael Parkes as follows:
"The name of our gallery is 'Beeldkracht', which means translated 'Imagepower' (image=beeld and power=kracht). We have chosen this name, because this reflects our wish to show only images with great 'power'. In this context images are: paintings, mixed media artworks, sculptures, lithographs, prints, etchings, photographs etc. Power could mean in this context 'with great professional skill', 'made with an original concept', 'made with high intensity', 'made with vision and integrity', 'made with true passion for the art', etc."

So all the artworks in the collection are made by professional - both wellknown and upcoming - artists. It doesnt matter, where the artist is born, where he comes from, what matters is the quality of his artwork. Which means that nowadays the artists in our collection come from countries all over the world. The gallery shows on permanent basis their paintings on canvas, mixed media art, prints (like: etchings, lithographs and silkscreens), sculptures made of wood, glass and bronze, ceramics and other artworks. At this page we give some examples:

artist Ad Arma (The Netherlands)
Blue Spot, 2007
etching (unicum), 69 x 120 cm (image size)
About Ad Arma

artist Michael Parkes (USA),
The secret, 2002
stone lithograph, image size: 95 x 64 cm
editition: 160 & 16 EA's

About Michael Parkes

artist Nico Vrielink (NL)
untitled (Portrait Jeane), 2009
oils on canvas, 150 x 100 cm

About Nico Vrielink
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